Materials Group Lunch Seminar Schedule for 2017

These informal seminars are every other week on thursday at 12:00 -- 13:00, in room 216, Perleporten. For details and to volunteer (someone) as a speaker contact Astrid de Wijn or Szymon Bernat.

date speaker title or topic
9 Feb. Alexei Vinogradov Some fundamental questions (and answers...) about the mechanical behavior of materials: what controls the ultimate engineering strength?
23 Feb. Avinash Tiwari Rubber friction directional asymmetry
9 March -
23 March Hedda Krogstad Corrosion of Ni-Al Bronze - Effect of a uniform magnetic field
6 April Yun Deng A Novel Approach Investigating Hydrogen Embrittlement in Iron Aluminides
20 April -
4 May Anton Akulichev Elastic recovery after compression in HNBR at low and moderate temperatures: Experiment and modelling
18 May Szymon Bernat Lubricant formulation
1 June Astrid de Wijn How square ice helps lubrication
Summer! - -
5 Oct. Abedin degradation of composite materials in offshore environment
19 Oct. Cristian corrosion of super duplex stainless steel
2 Nov. Inga Ringdalen (SINTEF) modelling dislocations
16 Nov. Javad Metallic fiber reinforced adhesive bonding
30 Nov. 11:30 Richard Vink (Goettingen, Germany) Controlling friction by changing the structure of the underlying substrate: Insights from molecular dynamics simulations
30 Nov. 12:15 Rowena Crockett (Empa, Switzerland) Wear Protection for Kinetic Art
12 Dec. 9:30 Igor Emri, Matthias Jaunich, Brede Thorkildsen
14 Dec. Nuria
11 Jan. 2018 Anette and Brage
1 Feb. 2018 Sarah Hallerberg (Hamburg)